Master Video In 14 Days

I’ve created simple systems and resources to help you master video and start attracting customers online in less than 14 days!

Have you been putting off using video? Maybe you even dread the thought of it. I talk with business owners all the time who haven’t started consistently using video. They don’t know what to talk about, they’re intimidated, and they don’t know what they need to get started.


I’m Virginia Kerr. I started this business because I saw a gap between online business owners with killer products and services….and a video content marketing plan to help them attract the right people to use those killer products and services.

I’m bridging that gap with templates and simple systems to help you use video to attract more clients.

Your story and personality are what set you apart from everyone else in your industry. You can’t afford to wait!

I believe in jumping right in with a content plan and helping you refine the process and on camera presence as you build your brand and learn more about your ideal client.

I’ve been in the TV and video industry for more than 20 years. Four TV newsrooms, hundreds of videos, blogs and podcasts later, I became a top leader in an award-winning network marketing company. I also created, produced and hosted a top rated TV show featuring people just like you. People who help others with their unique gifts.

As a video coach, I help people play to their strengths and their “isms” the little things that make them- them! It’s not about a script and looking perfect… it’s about being you and connecting with the person watching with the right content.  

I know…the thought of being on video can be scary- but guess what! It doesn’t have to be. The people you see nailing it on video..they were scared once too!

I can help you jump over that scary stage really quickly so that you can be the real you on camera and kill it online!

Virginia Kerr

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