I'm Virginia Kerr

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An Alabama-raised video strategist, content creator, educator, podcaster, and introvert who plays an extrovert on camera. And I’m doing it all from my laundry room!

Life looks a lot different for me. Just a few years ago I was running around in high heels and running myself into the ground trying to do it all. Run a TV show, a business, and raise a family. Until I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I stopped everything. I was 45.

On my path to figuring out who I really was and what I really wanted to do when I grow up (Instead of continuing to do what I thought would impress and please people) I started playing on Instagram and TikTok…this was in 2019.. 

Little did I know that following my curiosity would be my answer to finding the real me.

That season of “playing on video” led me to a multi 6 figure business I’m running straight out of my laundry room.

From News Anchor to TV host to TV show owner- I’ve seen and done a lot.

I teach the very strategies I used
in my 20 years in the tv and video industry

 I’m now dedicated to helping business owners all over the world share their message and make money with video- just like I do.

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Whether you're a coach, content creator or a business owner who wants to expand online: dive in here to get social media and video marketing secrets! 

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I'm Virginia

I started creating videos for fun on Instagram and TikTok and ended up building a half-million-dollar business from my laundry room.

Today I’m dedicated to helping business owners share their messages and make money with video just like I do.




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