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RODE Wireless Go Wireless Microphone

This wireless mic system is my favorite because of its high quality. The receiver and transmitter are small and lightweight and the built battery lasts 7 hours. The transmitter clips to your shirt and has a built-in microphone but you can plug in a lav mic.

You will need an Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter plug if you’re using this with an iPhone. You will also need to purchase an adapter cable if you are using this with a smartphone.

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RODE SC7 Patch Cable

This patch cable allows your RODE Wireless GO System to connect to your mobile device.

The red end connects to your Wireless GO Receiver. The grey connects to your smartphone or tablet or to your Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter if you have an iPhone.

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BOYA Microphone

This is great quality for the price! Easily clip on your mic and plug it into your phone. It blocks out background noise and gives you professional sounding audio.

It also has a long cord (20′) to allow you to step away from the camera. You will need an Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter plug if you’re using this with an iPhone.

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RODE Lav Mic

This can be used with the RODE Wireless Go System. It has a shorter mic cord than the BOYA lav mic but is only compatible with a smart phone if used with the RODE Wireless Go System.

If you only want a lav mic- get the BOYA 🙂

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Neewer 18″ Ring Light

This flexible rotating phone holder helps you adjust it to any angle you like.

Neewer Ring Light Soft Tube and Cellphone Holder Set for Ring Light with Standard Cold Shoe, Compatible with iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6 plus/6/5, Samsung, Huawei and Other Android Smartphones

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Kuaguozhe Phone Holder for Ring Lights and Tripods 

This flexible rotating phone holder helps you adjust it to any angle you like.

Phone Holder Set for Ring Light or Tripod with Standard Cold Shoe

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QIAYA Ring Light

This lightweight light is small enough to fit on countertops and desks. You can adjust the stand to as low as 16″. You will also like that it comes with a remote control.

9’’ LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder, QIAYA Selfie Ring Light for Photography / Makeup / Vlogging / Live Streaming, Compatible with Phones and Cameras (2020 Version)

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The apps2 car
phone mount

Great for car videos. This is a sturdy suction cup phone holder that's compatible with the iPhone, Samsung and all 4-7 inch phones. 

You can adhere it to your dashboard or windowshield. Mine is on my windowshield.

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Neewer 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

This is the Softbox light I use to fill the area when I am shooting with a 3 point lighting system and not a Ring Light. It’s easy to set up and break down. Plus it comes with a storage/travel bag. I also like that the stand can be adjusted from 40 to 88 inches.

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Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

This LED set includes two lights with stands for each. You can use one as your key light source and the other as your fill light in a three light set up. I use a three light set up when I don’t use a ring light.

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Neewer LED Camera Video Light

This is an affordable hair or back light that I use in a three point lighting set up. It will help you stand out on video and make your videos pop. You can also use this light in dark small spaces.

It doesn’t come with a stand but can be attached to most stands and tripods.

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great video maker
softbox lighting kit

Want to fill a larger space? Need a softbox light that's bright? Looks like natural lighting? That's what you get with this octagon shaped light. It has a sturdy light stand too. 

You'll also like how you can adjust the light. You can use this by itself  when placed at a 45 degree angle, make it part of a 3 point lighting set up or use it to light up your backdrop. 

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Sony ZV-1 Camera

This small camera allows you to shoot quality video without the hassle of figuring out how to set up a camera. If you need a camera for YouTube this is a great starter camera. It has a built in microphone and flip screen so you can see yourself as you set up your shot. It also has automatic focus and AF tracking. I use this for YouTube videos.

Fast Hybrid AF, Real Time Eye-AF3 and Real-time AF tracking

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KISS So wispy Eyelashes

If you want lashes for days, you will love these! You get 5 pairs in one pack and you can reuse them.

Kiss Products So Wispy Lashes Basic #11, 5 Pairs

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NUNET Suction Cup Camera Mount

This is great for video recording in your bathroom, in your car or mounting your camera to a window.

You will need a phone holder like the gooseneck phone holder above if you use this with your phone.

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UBeesize 67″ Phone Tripod Stand and Selfie Stick

Use this as a tripod or a selfie stick to help you keep your video shots steady. It’s lightweight and easy to travel with.

Use with your phone or camera. Travel friendly!

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Amazon Basics 60 Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This inexpensive, lightweight tripod is what I use for my camera and phone.

You will need a phone holder like the gooseneck phone holder above if you use this with your phone.

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