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Start Your YouTube Channel and Create a Strategy so You Can Make Money Online

This Is
YouTube School

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So.. You want to start a YouTube channel?

Ready to use Youtube
to convert viewers
into clients?

want evergreen content that works for you forever?

need help planning
your content?

tired of figuring it out on your own?

yes! i'm ready!

does editing
overwhelm you?

need accountability and someone to tell you what to do next?

Imagine if you...

✔️Knew exactly what your YouTube channel would be called and what to talk  about

✔️Had an exact plan to go from idea to publishing your video

✔️Were able to come up with thumbnails and juicy YouTube titles with ease

✔️Knew how to use storytelling and editing to create binge worthy videos

✔️Didn't have to go at it alone and had a community of entrepreneurs who would support you and hold you accountable

✔️Had a top video coach and strategist giving you guidance along the way


It’s frustrating. Embarrassing.

With TIYS, you'll be able to:

This is YouTube School
may be the answer you've been looking for.

in 10 weeks, you can have a completely optimized youtube channel that is building your audience and your business.

Build your YouTube plan

Pick your channel title

Create your content plan

Script, record and edit with a
step-by-step framework

Promote your episodes and repurpose content for other platforms

Get live video coaching, feedback and strategy designed for your business

Are you ready to go all in on your YouTube channel and follow a proven roadmap so you can build your audience and business?

This coaching program has
everything you need to launch a
successful YouTube Channel...

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All we are missing is you!

This Is
YouTube School

with virginia kerr

Join me in This Is YouTube School. A live, 10 week group coaching mastermind for entrepreneurs.

Get marketing strategy, scripting, recording and editing lessons plus accountability and a community of go getter business owners. 

You will experience massive momentum and growth!

it's possible!
i know because i've done it myself!

Having a YouTube Channel that's
profitable is easier than you think!

It's time to level up your video

In only 4 years, I created a video strategy with short form and long form video and now run a multi -six figure a year business. I've helped nearly 2000 students do the same, so I know you can do it too! 

Are you ready to be discovered on YouTube?

Want to create bingeable videos that get people coming back?

Ready to improve your on camera delivery and editing?

Want a video strategy to make money?

Are you ready?

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channel audits

keyword creation

content mapping method

channel title workshopping

scripting framework

editing lessons

thumbnail brainstorming

CHAT GPT Tutorials

youtube growth strategies

spotlight coaching w/ virginia

sales/marketing strategies

repurposing systems

equipment and setup breakdown

community and more

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You'll Get:

Inside This Is YouTube School Group Coaching Program


"I knew Virginia was the right person to teach me everything I needed to know to start a YouTube channel."


"Virginia gave us a thoughtful laid out plan. Plus we got to hear what other business owners were doing on YouTube."


"Virginia gave us the hows and the whys to make Youtube easier. Now my YouTube is off and running!"

What's Inside This is YouTube School?

setup Your Channel

Determine what makes a successful YouTube Channel
Define and name your Channel
Create Channel Banner

step 1

When you join This is YouTube School, over the course of 10 weeks, you'll get training tutorials, live spotlight coaching, team support.
Plus my personal templates.


step 2

Choose your content niche
Define your ideal viewer
Research industry channels and keywords

Define your video content and niche

Plan your

Create a content plan
Discover video formats
Get your video outline
Script your first videos 

step 3

design thumbnails
and titles

Learn the art and formulas to create scroll stopping thumbnails and titles

step 4

select equipment
and record

Get a breakdown on backgrounds and equipment to meet your video style
Learn recording hacks to save time in production

step 5

Get tutorials on video organization and editing to simplify your system and process

edit your videos

step 6

Learn how to schedule, publish and optimize your videos for the best results

upload your videoS

step 7

Get the templates and formats to promote your videos and channel
Learn how to repurpose your videos

Promote and repurpose

step 8

Get a simple sales strategy to help you sell your offers and services with video

COnvert viewers into clients

step 9

I'm so glad you asked

There are limited spots available.
This program will sell out.

Weekly live power coaching Wednesdays at 11 Am CST Beginning october 4th.

let's do this!

This is YouTube School is made to help you...


Content production systems and frameworks so you can  plan in advance and save time.


Content that helps you connect, build trust and convert! 


Shift the way your audience sees you so they want to come back to learn more from you and work with you.


life coach


nutrition coach


art teacher


makeup artist



Meet Monika


Meet Leslie

success coach

Meet Lindsay

LinkedIn Coach

press play!

This is not for you if:

You only want content that has a 24 hour shelf life
You don't have an offer to help people
You only care about getting views not making money with video
You want a community of support and accountability

This is for you if:

You're not ready to create long form content that never expires
You want to simplify your content strategy

You're ready to get unstuck and FINALLY launch your YouTube channel
You want to grow your online business


In this free training- You’ll get content ideas, learn how to use carousels to increase engagement and increase sales.

When it’s over you will know all the Dos and Don’ts so you don’t waste time and energy on carousel posts that don’t work. You’ll know exactly how to Create Carousels that Convert your followers into customers!

Join This Is Video School by the evening of March 23rd at midnight and you’ll get an exclusive invite to this training plus get your questions answered on the LIVE zoom training

Take me to the offer!

So what are you waiting for?

Pay in full

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Save Money!

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"It was just what I needed!
Loved Virginia's assignments
and feedback."


"I liked getting Virginia's personal feedback on my videos, scripts and titles."


"I really got personalized
help and coaching."

Client Love Letters

Video School Stories

Ready to finally break free from feeling stuck and start creating long form content that converts and grows your audience while you sleep?!

let's do it

I'm so ready!

This Is YouTube School is for business owners who want to use long form video to grow their audience and convert viewers into clients.

You need a step by step plan, implementation and accountability to help you plan, launch and monetize your YouTube channel. And you don't wan to waster your time Googling your life away and want to do it the right way so it grows fast and effectively and makes an impact and income!

This is a 10 week program. We meet for one hour each week on Wednesdays at 11AM CST beginning October 4th. Expect to spend 2- 4 hours a week on assignments.

This is a LIVE group coaching program with recorded lessons.  

Each week you receive lessons inside a course as well as a one hour LIVE Q and A.
These are on Zoom. You will have access to templates and worksheets and be given assignments each week.  You will be able to ask questions and have your work critiqued IF you are actively participating on the live trainings.

The replays can be watched inside our Facebook Group.

Yes. The first training is Wednesday October 4th at 11am CST. We will meet for 10 weeks at that time.

You will be assigned to an accountability group once you comment on the Accountability Group post inside the Facebook Group.

You need to have a basic understanding of how to create a video but you will learn how to edit in the program. It will help if you are already creating short form video content.

You will learn to create content whether you record on your phone or a camera. No fancy equipment required!


I'm Virginia

I started creating videos for fun on Instagram and TikTok and ended up building a half-million-dollar business from my laundry room.

Today I’m dedicated to helping business owners share their messages and make money with video just like I do.




This is
Video School


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