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This is Video School was designed to help business owners at every level master video so they can convert followers into customers without sending random messages.

And nope- you don't have to lip sync or dance either!

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Here’s what you can expect..

Get Seen

Learn how to pick the right topics, write helpful content and get more people to your account.

Stay Consistent

Make Money

Discover the best strategies for making money with your content with short and long form video.

Use my content strategy, editing tutorials and templates to stand out with original content, save time and never run out of ideas.

That's what I need! i'm ready!

What's inside This Is Video School..

*Complete suite to help you create unique content for your Ideal Person. Including caption and video templates and Hooks and CTA libraries.

*On camera presence breakdown to help bring your personality to video, emotionally connect with your target audience and position you as an authority in your industry.
*Storytelling and editing tutorials to help you create binge worthy videos.

*Selling strategies and schedules to increase sales.

*Monthly LIVE trainings with video critiques and account feedback.

*Routine Challenges with trainings and assignments.

*Lifetime access to TIVS and all future updates.

It’s frustrating. Embarrassing.

Why I created this program.. 

In 2019, I decided to use what I learned from my years in television to build a business. Instead of sending messages- I would attract people to my account and get them to know. like and trust before ever talking to me.

I would get people to come to me by creating a strategic video plan and system. I would talk to the person I was here to help..not just anyone.

The first time I went all in on an offer with my video plan...I sold 5 high ticket coaching packages in a week.

Then I applied it to my first group course. It filled up. I made $4k in a week. I never reached out to one person. Then I grew 2 TikTok accounts to well over 200,000 followers.

When Reels hit Instagram I grew by more than 5,000 followers in one week and have booked out months ahead for my coaching sessions.

I never reached out to one person...
they came to me...Because.

That. Is. The. Power. Of. Video. 

And guess what?

I've now helped thousands of people do the same…


"I knew Virginia was the right person to teach me everything I needed to know to start a youtube channel."


"Virginia will change how you see video. Best investment I've made all year!"


"Virginia's video lessons helped me so much. 99% of my sales are now people reaching out to me!"

If you want to be seen as the go-to expert in your field you have to act like one and show up on video as that expert.

That means you need a plan. Not a swing it and wing it strategy but a system in place.



let's do this!

This Is
Video School

with virginia kerr

✔️ Creating and posting consistently and confidently...that’s more followers, more clients, more sales...

✔️ Prepared and equipped to have a solid system in place...

✔️ Sure about your content because you know exactly what your ideal person needs to hear from you...

✔️ Free from sending random messages to strangers because people reached out to you first…

✔️ Able to reach more people because you know how to repurpose your content and post on multiple platforms..

✔️ Able to stand out in your field because you are showcasing your unique strengths and experiences rather than blending in with everyone else...

what if you were...

I want in!

This is video school is made to help you...


Your content production so it’s planned in advance and not last minute


Content that helps you teach your ideal customer and handle their objections before they even ask them


You’ll shift the way your audience sees you so that they want to come back to learn more from you and are ready to jump when you pitch your next offer or product.

Meet Jan

Business Strategist and Educator

Meet Dr. Maren Locke


Meet Brittne

Beauty Consultant Coach

Meet Hofsa

Chicken Owner Educator

Meet Michelle

Branding Coach

Meet Jasmine

fitness Coach

Meet Stesha

Fertility Coach

Meet Lindsay

LinkedIn Coach

press play!

This is video school is made to help you...

stand out

Identify your ideal person and what sets you apart from your competition.

module 1

never run out of content again

Get your content system including hooks and CTA libraries to create posts and videos that grab your ideal person’s attention and hold them until the end.

module 2

GET camera ready

Nail your on camera presence so you connect with your audience and position yourself as a confident expert in your field. You'll identify what you and your videos need to get people coming back for more.

module 3


Get your strategies for IG Stories, Reels, IG video and TikTok as I take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how I record, edit and promote my videos.

module 4

stop people's

Learn how to record and edit your videos so that they are concise and packed with value. You'll learn how to create videos that grab people's attention and keep them until the end. Plus a video planning system to save you time.

module 5

Learn how to practice, plan, promote and broadcast your LIVE videos. You'll get the secrets to keeping your audience's attention and establishing yourself as an authority.

go live like a pro

module 6

Learn selling strategies to convert your followers into customers on Stories and Reels.

sell on video

module 7

Use selling strategies to plan and promote your specials and launches. Learn what to say and what not to say in the DMs to help you convert followers into customers and clients.

Promote your offers

module 8

Set up, strategize and launch your YouTube channel. You will have 9 videos published on your channel and promotional content once completed.  

add youtube to your strategy

module 9

What's included:

  • Video Templates to Write Attention Grabbing Video (Videos + PDFs)

  • Video Content System and Planner (Video and PDFs)

  • Video Editing Hacks (Video Tutorials)

  • Delivering: What to Say and How to Say it. (Videos and PDFs)

  • Monetization strategies for your offers (Video Tutorials)

  • Access to all monthly Q and As and trainings in our Exclusive Facebook group

  • Challenges and Assignments to hold you accountable and apply what you learn

  • Access to all materials for life

Join This Is Video School by midnight March 23rd and get my FREE Carousels that Convert BONUS TRAINING

Video is the fastest way to get people to know, like and trust you but you also need other content to support them.

Content that educates and positions you as an authority in your field.


In this free training- You’ll get content ideas, learn how to use carousels to increase engagement and increase sales.

When it’s over you will know all the Dos and Don’ts so you don’t waste time and energy on carousel posts that don’t work. You’ll know exactly how to Create Carousels that Convert your followers into customers!

Join This Is Video School by the evening of March 23rd at midnight and you’ll get an exclusive invite to this training plus get your questions answered on the LIVE zoom training

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"Because of Virginia's strategies and training I create videos consistently and in much less time."

Dr. Jacobs

"Virginia made me feel so comfortable and confident. I now post videos and go LIVE weekly."


"Virginia's coaching helped me build confidence, implement strategy and stand out in a crowded industry."

Client Love Letters

Video School Stories

What you’ll walk away with when you complete This is Video School

✔️ A strategic plan to create videos from here on out

✔️ At least 3 New Videos that you will be proud of and will increase engagement and get you more exposure...way more if you stay consistent

✔️ A content plan so you know what you’re posting each day.

✔️ Super smart systems in place to help you stay consistent and spend less time.

✔️ A group of serious business owners to bounce ideas off of and network

✔️ An easy to follow video creating system designed for getting you more sales and filling your audience with raving fans and making video fun!

Ready to finally create videos that you like and get over the fear of the unknown so you can build your business and feel more at peace?

let's do it


This Is Video School is for anyone who wants to use video to grow a business or community. Whether you are just starting a business, want to improve your marketing for an existing business, or want to grow an audience of like minded people you will benefit from This Is Video School.

Dozens of industries are represented inside our community. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, network marketers, business coaches, realtors, professional organizers, hair stylists, and makeup artists to name a few.

Depends on how much you want to consume at once. Some people have finished it in a weekend. I highly recommend that you apply what you learn as you go for immediate results.

This is a prerecorded course that you have access to for life and can go through at your own pace. I update and add to the modules. As of now there are 8 modules with 60 lessons.

These lessons range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. 

 Once a month on the second Tuesday, we have LIVE Q and A sessions for you to get your questions answered and videos critiqued. These are on Zoom for those who want their videos critiqued. The replays can be watched inside our Facebook Group.

 Every 2-3 months we have Reels/Video challenges. These range from 7 - 14 days and come with daily live trainings, assignments and video feedback. The replays of the trainings are inside the Facebook Group.

No. This Is Video School is an evergreen course. You can become a member at anytime.

You can comment below our Accountability Group posts before or during a challenge to be assigned to a group. Or you can ask an existing group if you can join them.

Yes. The first couple modules go over how to come up with content categories based on your ideal person. After that it is all about on camera presence, video equipment, video recording hacks, effective storytelling, video editing, selling on camera, strategy for each type of video and language for converting people into customers.


I'm Virginia

I started creating videos for fun on Instagram and TikTok and ended up building a half-million-dollar business from my laundry room.

Today I’m dedicated to helping business owners share their messages and make money with video just like I do.




This is
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